Why Content Works and How to Include it in Your Marketing Strategy

Pamela Shows – Darn Fine Copy

One of the main questions most business owners ask themselves about daily is, “what type of outreach will allow my business to stay relevant and thrive?”

When you think about the constant flood of ads and marketing consumers are exposed to, it seems almost impossible to draw attention.

According to one market research study, every person online is exposed to more than 5,000 advertisements each day!

By year’s end, global advertisers will have spent around $600 billion. In the U.S., this amounts to $189 billion in advertising;

Yankelovich estimates that three decades ago a person living in a large metro area saw around 2,000 ads a day. When compared to the 5,000 that are seen today, it is no surprise that most consumers feel advertising is out of control.

And now, due to technology like ad blockers, traditional advertising methods are largely useless. A 2015 report co-authored by PageFair and Adobe, an estimated $21.8 billion, was lost in ad revenues. Here in the U.S., that loss will reach $20.3 billion this year.

But, for most of us, this isn’t really shocking.

Traditional marketing campaigns tend to focus too much on the consumer purchase. And today’s consumers are suffering from The Three Stooges of Marketing Fatigue: Leery, Weary, and Woe.

People Want Helpful Information on Their Own Terms; This is Why Content Is King

So, this begs the question, what is there left to do? How do you reach your targeted audience at precisely the right moment to stand out from the crowd? And more importantly, how do you combat consumer cynicism?

First, you go where your consumers are. You seek to inform and serve them in a quietly persuasive way. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to provide quality, helpful content that strikes a relevant audience and communicates who they are as a brand.

Dharmesh Shah says, “Instead of interrupting, try attracting.”

Article Writing + SEO Done Right

It is easy for readers to dismiss a pop-up add when trying to read solid informative content that they search for, is relevant to their journey. That is attractive.

Whether you go indie and hire your very own copywriter or use content platforms like BlogMutt to help you create custom content —from ideation through collaboration with great writers, you must make content an integral part of your strategy.

Finally, after you’re done producing this amazing content, it’s time to push it and take it viral. Marketing automation platforms like Hubspot are a powerful way to make inbound marketing a breeze.

Quality content is a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

Consumers are avoiding interruptive advertising like never before. Content marketing, including article writing and SEO, allows you to engage with your audience in a way that offers them value upfront. Promote your brand through quality, relevant information consumers desire —no strings attached —and you will win their business and their loyalty.