Why Influencer Campaigns Work & How to Build An Influencer Persona

Research has shown that 87 percent of businesses plan to execute at least one influencer marketing campaign this year. If you aren’t quite sure whether this type of marketing is right for your business or if you aren’t even sure what it is, we encourage you to continue reading.

What is Influencer Marketing and Why Does it Work?

An influencer campaign is something between a review and a product endorsement. Generally, these campaigns feature users —who have a large number of fans, happily and successfully enjoying your product or service. Due to their subtle nature, they fit nicely with your inbound marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing is suffering due to increased consumer cynicism toward pushy outbound methodologies, the ability tune out traditional advertising. Consider the fact that 47 percent of online customers regularly use ad blockers to understand the power behind this strategy. Influencer campaigns offer social proof, something that is increasingly important to today’s consumers. Studies show that:

  • 88 percent of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business, product, or service
  • 39 percent of consumers regularly read reviews
  • Only 12 percent of users do not utilize reviews
  • Who are the Influencers?

An influencer can be anyone from a celebrity, a social media icon to a thought leader, or expert in your field. They have often worked extremely hard to build their own personal brand and regularly use that brand to generate various streams of income.

How to Pick the Right Influencer for Your Business

We recommend building out an influencer persona. Similar to a buyer persona, this tool will help you discover the type of influencer you should be targeting. The key elements to consider when you are developing a persona are:

Define Context 

It is essential that the influencer you choose is a match to the context of your business. For example, if you are a clothing designer, you need someone who has an interest in fashion. If you own a software as a service company, you need someone who is a thought leader in your industry or in tech. Don’t worry if you have an obscure niche, there are influential insiders in every sector.

Discover Reach

Consider the amount of people you hope to reach through your influencer. You should take into consideration the number of followers an influencer has across all social media channels. These include, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat, and others.

Establish Reputation

You must consider both yours and theirs. This is increasingly important because you have worked very hard to cultivate your company’s image, its culture and to maintain its reputation. Consider past behavior as an indicator of future performance.

Evaluate Potential for Engagement

How many social shares, likes, views, and comments would you like for your influencer to have? This is important for establishing both a primary and secondary market. The most influential personas are able to engage with their audience and regularly share content that goes viral.

A well-run influencer campaign will foremost increase awareness for your company. In addition, it can improve engagement, facilitate trust and also drive sales to impact your business’ bottom line.


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