3 Resources to Help You Find Top-Quality Guest Bloggers

You have optimized your website for SEO, you have an active social media presence are growing your audience, but you still need increased exposure your business, then perhaps guest blogging the next avenue to explore. By connecting with thought leadership, experts, and bloggers in your industry, you not only improve your reach through new alliances but you have the opportunity to build more authority with your own readership. The important thing is not to have all the answers but finding someone who does.

The following are a few ways to expedite your guest blogging outreach. These include networks that were specifically created to help bloggers connect, best practice guides for guest blogging, and other methods of letting others know about your guest blogging opportunities.

My Blog Guest is a well-developed and active community of freelance journalists, bloggers, business leaders, influencers, and thought leaders. The idea is to form mutually beneficial relationships, in which the value proposition is not financial-based. The concept is simple and works like this:

An author writes an article and submits it to a blogger on the site

If the article fits the blogger’s needs, an agreement is made to publish it as a guest blog or guest post with byline credit given to the author.

Additionally, cross promotion is arranged.

My Blog Guest offers free registration and provides a complimentary course aimed at helping members best utilize the site.

Guest Post connects bloggers with available influencers. The tagline is “connect, pitch, get exposure,” indicating its services offer value to both the guest and the blogger. The site also maintains a list of blogs and websites that are currently accepting guest posts. There are other features that are helpful with tasks like idea generation, submission tracking, and pitching.

Kissmetrics: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging is an invaluable resource. It explains the benefits (SEO and otherwise) of guest blogging, best practices for using guest blogging as a strategy, how to find quality and relevant guest posters. And even how to pitch a guest blog opportunity.

As you begin to develop and implement a guest posting strategy, you should consider the many resources within your own network. Create a wish-list of thought leaders and rising stars in your industry and reach out to them with a highly polished pitch. Even without a big budget, you may be able to achieve the goals you have set through simple blogger outreach.


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